Directed by Dennie Gordon, starring Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Eugene Levy, Andy Richter, Riley Smith and Jared Padelecki.

Following a long line of lucrative teen movies that have been made for DVD and video, 'New York Minute' is the Olsen Twins', Ashley and Mary-Kate, big screen debut. 

Jane (Ashley) and Roxy (Mary-Kate) Ryan are sisters with very different personalities and have lived separate lives since their mother's death. Jane is super-organised and a perfect student, while Roxy is a drummer who will do almost anything to escape school and become a famous musician.

The film follows what happens on one action-filled day when the twins travel to New York. Roxy wants a record label to listen to her band's demo, while Jane has a very important speech to deliver to get a scholarship to Oxford University. Roxy manages to get them both thrown off the train before they even reach the Big Apple.

Whilst trying to get to their destination the girls then become mixed up in a music piracy scam. They accidentally take possession of a microchip worth millions of dollars, containing illegal copies of music and movies belonging to a Chinatown gang. One gang member, Bennie Bang (Richter), in return has Jane's lifeline: her day-planner and scholarship speech.

To get the speech back the girls have to make an exchange with the gang - which proves tricky when a dog swallows the chip. With the help of friends Jim (Smith) and Trey (Padelecki), the girls try and escape from Bang so Jane can meet the scholarship judges and Roxy can deliver her demo.

With a somewhat weak main storyline, the subplot involving truant officer Max Lomax (Levy, recalling his 'American Pie' role) keeps 'New York Minute' going. Searching for Roxy, Lomax acts like an undercover FBI agent, racing around the city in search of the girls and giving the film some of its funniest scenes.

At times, 'New York Minute' loses direction because the girls miss obvious solutions to every problem. But the twins bring the film back on track with some sharp dialogue. Even at 18 the Olsens are long-standing professionals with a billion-dollar franchise and although 'New York Minute' may not be for everyone, it will certainly deliver for their fans.

Eilish Barry