Directed by Peter Segal, starring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider, Sean Astin and Dan Aykroyd.

The bachelor lifestyle and its main exponent in Hawaii, Henry Roth (Sandler). An aquarium vet, Henry has spent years romancing an adoring holidaying female public who swallow his outlandish stories about why he can't commit when it's time for them to go home two weeks later. And then along comes Lucy Whitmore (Barrymore). Henry meets her by chance in a cafe and they hit it off straight away. When it becomes time to say goodbyes, they agree to meet the next day and Henry drives off, happy that he's now going to break his own rules about dating local women. But when he turns up for their first date, Henry finds that Lucy has no recollection of him or the day before: she was in a car crash a year earlier that has resulted in her having no short term memory.

'The Wedding Singer' was the one Sandler comedy that even non-Sandler fans could like, and while it's nowhere near as funny, reuniting with co-star Barrymore helps lift '50 First Dates' above his usual offerings. Segal was responsible for the atrocious 'Anger Management', and despite having less of a storyline, this turns out to be the more entertaining film. With Sandler restrained and Barrymore sweetness incarnate, '50 First Dates' compensates for its bitty plot and half-worked gags with a big heart and a show-stealing turn from Astin as Lucy's steroid-pumping, bodybuilder brother. Schneider is, of course, as over-the-top as ever, but even he is somehow bearable when the 'awwww' factor is this high. Who said love couldn't overcome all obstacles?

Forgettable, but not without charm.

Harry Guerin