Directed by Karl Golden, starring Alex Reid, Jonathan Byrne, Justine Mitchell and Conor Mullen.

An offbeat, low-budget, romantic comedy, Karl Golden's feature debut is contrived but nonetheless entertaining. Two people having a bad day - a drunken, jilted bridegroom and a just-fired waitress - find that their paths have crossed and, try as they might, they cannot unravel them.

Waiting at the church on his wedding day, David (Byrne) gets a phone call from his bride (Mitchell) to say that she has changed her mind. At the same time, Claire (Reid) dumps her married boyfriend (Mullen) and, not in the best form for work, loses her waitress job at Dublin Airport. Walking out in a strop, she comes across the drunken David who offers her his now unwanted wedding ring if she'll drive him to Donegal.

Arriving at the isolated cottage that was to be David's wedding present, Claire wants to sort her life out while he is more interested in staying drunk and forgetting what's happened to him, preferably on his own. It's an obvious set-up and, for the sake of the plot, she's obviously never going to be allowed to leave. A sabotaged car, some whiskey, a waterbed and a couple of odd locals later, 'The Honeymooners' proves that the path of true love may not run smoothly but, in romantic comedy, it does travel in the one direction. 

At the outset, neither David nor Claire are especially sympathetic characters - he's a ball of defensive self-pity and she's a bit of a cow - but it is to the credit of all concerned that you eventually find yourself rooting for them as their situation becomes increasingly surreal. Cinematographer Darran Tiernan uses the freedom of digital video to get right into the faces of the actors, which initially gives the film a great sense of immediacy although it does lag in the middle.

All in all, 'The Honeymooners' is a charming although somewhat flimsy film. If this is what Karl Golden can do with a tiny budget and limited time, who's to say what he can achieve when given his head. A promising debut.

Caroline Hennessy