Directed by McG, starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore, Bernie Mac, John Cleese, Justin Theroux, Matt LeBlanc, Luke Wilson and Crispin Glover.

Once upon a time, after a very long time, three lady detectives made the jump from the TV to cinemas. When they did, they brought in one of the biggest hits of 2000 with $124m, and inspired just as many arguments as they had on the small screen about which one of them was the coolest/hottest. Now that they're back for another tug on the cash cow, you can have that argument all over again - but it could prove more memorable than this disappointing sequel.

After a gag-filled - but CGI overloaded - opening dust-up in Mongolia, the Angels (Diaz, Barrymore and Liu) are sent to track down two rings containing the new identities of police informants. Mixed-up in this mixed-up plot are a former angel (Moore), an 'Irish' mobster (Theroux) who looks like he spends most of his time at punk gigs and the first movie's villain, The Thin Man (Glover).

With such a flimsy storyline, stitched around one setpiece after another, '…Full Throttle' runs out of juice the faster it tries to reach a conclusion. Bernie Mac (as the new Bosley) and John Cleese (as one of the Angels' dads) are too funny not to see more of, a very hot/cool Demi Moore deserved far more screen time and the action scenes are so cartoonish you'll give up on them long before the final Hollywood showdown.

Director McG and the scriptwriters peddle some nice in-jokes (send-ups of 'CSI' and 'Cape Fear', references to 'Grease', 'The Blues Brothers' and 'M:I2') but never get a handle on turning a great cast and a few decent one-liners and into a fully-formed film. You could chop most of it into three-minute segments, add music and show the results on MTV and there's nothing to suggest that three years down the line either you or these angels should come back for more.

Nice outfits, though.

Harry Guerin