Directed by Mark Herman, starring Colin Firth, Heather Graham and Minnie Driver.

When artist Colin Ware (Firth) gets an invite to his fiancée Vera's (Driver) wedding, he splits for backwater USA to stage a show - once he's stopped crying into his paints. But the town of Hope lives up to its name when within 24 hours local girl Mandy (Graham) decides the moper is the man for her. And their attempts at breaking the world record for how long two adults can stay in a motel room are going pretty well until Vera shows up and claims there has been a big misunderstanding.

Herman also directed 'Little Voice' but 'Hope Springs' has none of that film's energy. It's gentle, it's nice but, for a romantic comedy, it's just not funny enough. It feels like there's a whole reel missing as the characters move from one so-what scene to another and you don't connect with any of them enough to actually care. Driver's arrival midway through should've been an excuse for a good cat fight, instead she and Graham have hardly any scenes together and the trek towards the ending is made all the more tiring by the fact that you know just how it's all going to turn out.

If Herman had've played up the quirkiness of the locals more, he could've had something to jolt the script to life. But as a love triangle this is all too square and a bad waste of the talent onscreen.

Harry Guerin