Directed by Nigel Dick, starring Hannah Spearitt, Jo O'Meara, Rachel Stevens, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Tina Barrett.

They're a "music based entertainment property", have sold over 13 million albums, made numerous TV shows, survived line-up shuffles, name changes and their own lack of talent - who else could it be but S Club? Formed in 1999 for a children's TV show by pop Svengali Simon Fuller (creator 'Pop Idol' and The Spice Girls) this is S Club's first outing on the big screen and hopefully, with regular rumours of their demise circulating, it will also be their last.

The ridiculous plot has the pop tarts being cloned by an evil scientist (something Fuller has already done - S Club Juniors anyone?) so not only do you get Jo, Hannah, Jon, Bradley, Rachel and Tina as themselves - you also get their doubles, with one set of Club-sters being only slightly less wooden than the other.

After complaining that they're being worked too hard, the group are stranded in Spain by their manager, Alistair. Initially they relish the idea of having some time off but, without minders and managers, their money soon runs out and they land themselves in all kinds of cute trouble. When they see an impostor S Club performing on a TV show live from Los Angeles, the group determine to fly out there and get to the bottom of fake group and their manager's disappearance.

In LA, Hannah, Rachel and Jon infiltrate the bogus group only to discover that they are actually bellybutton-less popbot clones. This may cause consternation on the part of the S Club originals but those of the audience left awake at that stage will probably be a good deal less worried by the whole situation. Why fuss when you know another energetic song'n'dance routine will be along at any minute and, meanwhile, you've got two Rachels to feast your eyes upon?

There are a few knowing jokes for any adults who have been dragged along to the cinema, an assortment of tight jeans and tighter tops - and that's just on blond himbo Jon - as well as a mildly funny set piece with some glove puppets and Alsatians. Cheap, but not too nasty...

Caroline Hennessy