Directed by Laetitia Colombani, starring Audrey Tautou, Samuel Le Bihan, Isabelle Carré, Clément Sibony.

Audrey Tautou's follow up to the charming Oscar-nominated hit 'Amèlie' was always going to be subject to much scrutiny. Wisely, she's decided to sidestep the fairytale image of that film, instead going for a much darker role in Laetitia Colombani's 'He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not'.

Tautou plays Angélique, a talented art student, who we first meet choosing the perfect rose to send to her beloved, successful cardiologist Loïc Le Garrec (Le Bihan). As she drifts around sunny Bordeaux in a state of evident bliss, looking adorable, we're immediately drawn back to the realm of 'Amèlie'. In comparison, the actions of the married Loïc - who has a pregnant wife (Carré) - appear reprehensible. Angélique, distraught that Loïc will not leave his wife for her, and under suspicion for the murder of one of his patients, turns on the gas and prepares for death. It's at this moment that the film rewinds and we get a replay of the same events from Loïc's very different perspective.

French cinema by way of 'Fatal Attraction' style thriller, 'He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not' is an absorbing take on the age-old idea of romantic obsession. In keeping with the structure of the film, Colombani firmly delineates the two halves of 'He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not'. Angélique's world of soft focus romanticism is full of reds and warmth while Loïc lives and works in a colder, more blue-toned space. Tautou shines as Angélique, looking as fresh and as dewy as a freshly picked flower herself in the florists scenes but convincingly descending into madness as the film progresses.

First time writer and director Colombani doesn't quite manage to pull the whole thing off but there's enough in 'He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not' to show promise for the future. An interesting experiment.

Caroline Hennessy