Directed by Nancy Meyer, starring Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, Delta Burke, and Alan Alda.

Nick Marshall grew up in Las Vegas surrounded by showgirls. He loves Sinatra and seducing women. He's crushingly handsome and truly believes he is God's gift. The other guys look up to him and the women swoon at his feet….or so he thinks. Nick (Mel Gibson) is an advertising exec who lives a self-absorbed, womanising life. Due to a bizarre accident he finds himself able to hear the thoughts of all the women around him. After he gets over the shock of discovering that most of the women in his life think he's a plonker he decides to use his powers to undermine his new boss, a woman called Darcy Maguire (Helen Hunt), who is the new star in Chicago's advertising world.

Remaining within the boundaries of romantic comedy, What Women Want deals with the issues of inter-gender communication, parental responsibilities and the thoughts that nobody ever shares. The acting is entertaining and light. Nancy Meyer's directing style can be felt throughout, particularly in the set design and sound track choices. She previously directed The Parent Trap and was the screenwriter on Father of the Bride I & II. Hunt’s character is strong, well developed and likeable but the film focuses on Nick and the various changes he undergoes as he discovers women's inner secrets – which aren't really all that secret.

The laughs are good, the characters engage well with each other and the audience and it's an all around good time. The only flaw is a tendency to lean a little hard on men as the sole cause of women's problems in life.

March Rogers