Talking Ted, a new podcast about classic clerical sitcom Father Ted, is on the way and will feature interviews with former cast members and behind the scenes stories from the much-loved show.

Joe Rooney, who played rebellious trainee priest Father Damo, and Patrick McDonnell, who played TV personality Eoin McLove, will host the podcast, while The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon has also recorded "lovely" new music for the series.

"We recorded a good bit of it during the pandemic," Rooney told RTÉ Entertainment. "We talked about each episode as we watched it and interspersed it with interviews with the actors from individual episodes and of course Ardal O’Hanlon and Arthur Matthews as well.

Joe played rebel priest Father Damo on Father Ted

"It’s like the extras that you used to get on DVDs, the actors talking as they watch."

Former partners in D’Unbelievables, Pat Shortt and Jon Kenny will take part as will what Joe calls "the nude fella on the bonnet of the car".

The first episode is already recorded and there are plans to invite Pauline McGlynn, who played housekeeper Mrs Doyle on Father Ted, and Graham Norton, who played anarchic priest Fr Noel Furlong.

The actors who played many of the characters such as Sister Assumpta, Bishop Brennan, Todd Unctious and Father Dick Byrne will also appear in future episodes of Talking Ted. Sadly, actress Rynagh O'Grady, who played shopkeeper Mary in Father Ted, passed away last year.

Patrick McDonnell aka Eoin McLove

However, the show’s co-creator Graham Linehan will not be appearing on the podcast.

Asked if it was bittersweet or a joy to relive all those Ted moments again, Joe, who was a member of eighties Dublin band Guernica before he became a comedian and actor, said, "Unsurprisingly, it’s as funny as ever and there’s lots of details.

"I think that’s why Ted quizzes are so popular because there are so many little details that you see after repeated viewings. There are so many things that aren’t really part of the plot but they’re just little insights and brilliant details."

Companion podcasting is fast becoming a hot podcast genre. Shows like The West Wing Weekly, Office Ladies, Talking Bad, Obsessed with Line of Duty and Shrine of Duty have made the companion podcast essential listening for fans.

Talking Ted is produced by the HeadStuff Podcast Network, which is committed to providing a home for Irish content on a wholly owned Irish platform and is due to air later this year.

The announcement of Talking Ted follows the return of Ted Fest to Inis Mór last week after it was cancelled last year due to the pandemic.

Alan Corr @CorrAlan2