With Beatlemania sweeping the world again with the release of the new Let It Be documentary, the actors who will play John, Paul, George, and Ringo in the new Brian Epstein biopic have been revealed.

Jonah Lees will play John Lennon, Blake Richardson stars as Paul McCartney, Leo Harvey Elledge is George Harrison and Campbell Wallace portrays Ringo Starr.

The band appear in new biopic Midas Man, which tells the story of the Fab Four's manager Brian Epstein.

The new cast members will be joined by US TV show host Jay Leno, who will play Ed Sullivan, who conducted the first live American interview with the Liverpool band in 1964.

Midas Man will also feature other parts of Epstein’s short career as a music agent before his death in 1967 at the age of 32.

Singer and actress Cilla Black, also managed by Epstein, will be played by Rosie Day.

The film will highlight Epstein's unparalleled influence on pop music worldwide and his own tragic story.

It will be directed by Sara Sugarman, whose previous work includes House Of Versace and Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen.

She said: "The actors playing the Beatles are an extraordinary group.

"They ooze that very visceral feeling of the 60s, are charming, playful, and so authentic, and I have no doubt that Jay Leno will capture the essence of Ed Sullivan perfectly.

"His own experience as an American television host will bring forward a natural and accurate portrayal and add an incredible element of modern showbiz to the story."

Midas Man is being shot on location in Liverpool, London, and the US for release in 2022.

Source: Press Association