Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey has detailed some of the reasons he fell in love with Ireland.

The 55-year-old actor was in Ireland to film Disenchanted, the sequel to Disney's 2007 fairy-tale rom com Enchanted, earlier in the year, and made the most of his time in the country, despite the coronavirus restrictions.

Dempsey made an appearance on the Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo podcast, where his former Grey's Anatomy co-star asked him: "What was Ireland like? I've never been, I'm dying to go."

"I fell in love with the place, I was everywhere, any chance I got," he said of travelling around the country during breaks from filming.

"It was lockdown, pretty much," Dempsey continued. "I had a 14-day quarantine when I got there - I've had over 30 days of isolation quarantining this year alone - so I ended up staying in the north of Ireland, which was fascinating. I learned a lot up there.

"And then I was in nature. It was the spring of the year. You have all the lambs and all the cows and the calves and everything.

"It's everything you would imagine it to be."

Dempsey said the only downside to his time in Ireland was the closure of pubs and restaurants due to the pandemic. However, nothing could put a dampener on his enthusiasm for the country, not even the inclement weather.

"The people are great. The problem is you just have this barrier because everybody had their masks on. You couldn't go to the pubs. You couldn't go to the restaurants. Everything was locked down so you didn't get a chance to see that," he said.

"But [there’s] great hiking, great culture, really fun, rainy, miserable weather at times, and then it gets hot. It gets in the 80s (fahrenheit) and people melt down completely. They can't handle it, but I loved it.

"I love the rain and the cold and the snow. It goes with my personality."

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