Britney Spears’s father said he opposes paying added security costs for the singer’s carer after she allegedly received death threats.

Lawyers for Jodi Montgomery said this week she had been subjected to threatening messages following the pop superstar's bombshell court testimony last month.

Ms Spears, 39, described the conservatorship that has overseen her life and career since 2008 as "abusive" and said she wants it terminated.

Ms Montgomery has been the conservator of Ms Spears’s person and responsible for her care since September 2019 on what remains a temporary basis.

Lawyers for Jamie Spears, the singer’s father and manager of her finances, filed a response to the application for more security costs, calling on a judge to deny the request.

Mr Spears, a figure of hate for many of his daughter’s fans who believe he should walk away from her life, said he is "very concerned" about the "dangerous rhetoric" surrounding the conservatorship.

Jamie Spears objects to added security request from daughter Britney Spears's carer Jodi Montgomery

He "has been the subject of innumerable and ongoing threats as well – not just recently, but for years," according to the court filing.

However, Mr Spears, 69, "disagrees and objects" to Ms Montgomery’s request for added security, which he claims could cost Spears’s estate 50,000 dollars (£36,000) a month for an indefinite period of time.

"Mr Spears does not believe such an expense is reasonable, necessary, or a proper expense of the Conservatorship Estate," his lawyers said.

They argue Ms Montgomery "has not provided sufficient detail, specific facts, or special circumstances to justify such an expense".

And the request is "too vague and open-ended, and improperly and inexplicably seeks to shift the burden of ensuring her safety" on to Mr Spears, according to the filing.

Ms Montgomery, whose duties include overseeing Ms Spears’s medical care, said she reported the threats to the local sheriff’s office and is making security updates to her home and office.

Ms Spears delivered stunning court testimony on June 23 and made a string of allegations about the conservatorship.

She said she is prevented from marrying and having children.

Ms Montgomery’s lawyer later defended her work with the star and said she "has tirelessly acted in Britney’s best interests with the approval of her doctors and the oversight of the Court".

Ms Spears’s testimony resulted in the resignation of her long-time lawyer Samuel Ingham and her manager Larry Rudolph.

The next hearing in the case is set for July 14 in Los Angeles.

Source: Press Association