Colin Farrell became emotional on US chatshow Jimmy Kimmel Live telling host Wanda Sykes that it has been a "tragic and difficult year".

The Batman star, who was discussing life during lockdown, said: "The border started to be closed and I got on the third last plane out of London back here (America).

"It was armageddon it was very strange."

He continued: "Me and my boy yeah we locked down, it was insane, what a year it has been for everyone in so many ways.

"It's been a tragic and difficult year, of social unrest and essential things happening that have needed to happen, ugliness that we have seen and you know and the homelessness here is pretty tough to see, and... is I’m tearing up about it like a (bleep), pretty tough to see.

"I don’t get it, am I doing anything about it right now? no, I’d like to do something about it.

"I don’t understand how so many people can be on the street.

"I say that knowing how fortunate I am, I live in a nice house, I have a very safe existence."

Sykes also asked Farrell if he was going home to Ireland soon.

Farrell perked up and said: "I miss it, I’m going back soon."

The Batman is in cinemas in spring 2022.

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