Home of the Year judge Hugh Wallace provided some much-needed joy on Friday evening when he told Virgin Media One's Six O'Clock Show the story of how he had danced on table tops with Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in legendary New York nightclub Studio 54 as a 23-year-old.

Recounting his visit to the Big Apple to hosts Ray Foley and Úna Healy, Wallace said: "I had a shift... My first shift - I was 23!"

"He was an Italian-American, Alex," the architect continued. "He was a go-getter, out there. You know, was one of the people on the street and [clicks fingers] walks straight into Studio 54."

"There's some big names there," said presenter Healy. "The likes of Diana Ross was there, Elton John - and I heard that you were dancing on table tops."

"Table tops, yeah," Wallace replied. "Dancing with Freddie Mercury!"

"Were you only five nights there?" asked co-host Foley.

"That's all," Wallace replied.

"In fact, I never saw New York during the daytime, because I'd meet Alex at six o'clock and I'd get back to where we were staying at eight o'clock in the morning! I'd go to bed and get up again, and I never saw New York during the day! It was just amazing. The clubs were amazing."

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