Vogue Williams has revealed that she won't take maternity leave after the birth of her second baby.

The 34-year-old model and DJ, who presents a weekend breakfast show on Heart Radio in London, insists she really wants "to just carry on" with her radio gig.

Speaking to The Sun, Williams said: "I love working at Heart and I really want to just carry on."

"If I was in an office working nine to five I would probably want to take some time off, but I'm lucky in the way I work — I leave my house at 4.50am and I’m back by 9.20am so Spenny will be on baby duty while I go out to work."

"I can come back home to my babies having only missed one feed," Vogue continued. "I could bring the baby with me to do the show — they're really good like that at Global (owners of Heart Radio) and if I wanted to they would support me doing it. But I don’t think I’ll need to," she said.

"Obviously, it depends on the birth I have but I can’t imagine I’ll need to take too much time off."

Williams, who is due to welcome a baby girl into the world later this month with her husband Spencer Matthews, said she isn't "stressing" about the current restrictions in hospitals due to Covid-19.

"I'm lucky it’s not my first because I would have found it more upsetting, but we’ve been here before and you just have to get on with it," she said.

"Spencer can be at the birth which is great so I’m not stressing. We’re just seeing what happens. If all goes well and we’re fit and healthy, I’ll come home as soon as I can."

The Howth native, who already has a toddler called Theodore with Matthews, opened up about experiencing morning sickness throughout her pregnancy.

"I don't enjoy being pregnant," she confessed. "I’m still on morning sickness tablets so it’s been a lot worse this time. Just the feeling of nausea constantly."

"It went away at 19 weeks and it came back around three months ago and I couldn't believe it. I’ve also got that pelvic girdle pain as well, so that’s not fun either."

"I hate complaining about it because I feel so lucky to be pregnant, but I’ll be honest — I don’t love it," she added.

Williams recently said she "isn't obsessing" over her second pregnancy as her son is keeping her so busy.