Dancing with the Stars finalist Gráinne Gallanagh has said her return to nursing in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis is "for the best".

The Donegal model told the Claire Byrne Show on RTÉ One via Skype on Monday night that she is "just doing what a lot of other people are doing right now".

"I trained here in Ireland and then I moved to the UK after I graduated," she explained.

"I lived there for a few years. I've actually been working [nursing] right up until the end of last year and then I moved home. So I haven't actually nursed in Ireland since I qualified.

"But after Dancing with the Stars and after everything that's happened - the crisis, the epidemic [sic] - I suppose I just felt like it was for the best that I come back and use my training and use my skills to the best I can."

"I feel like I'm just doing what a lot of other people are doing right now as well," she continued. "We know we need to go back whenever we're needed and I'm happy to do that."

When asked if she is nervous, Gallanagh replied: "I'm nervous, because I obviously don't want to catch coronavirus and I don't want to spread it. But ever since I've been in nursing you've always had patients that had contagious diseases and you've always just had to go on protocol and wear your protective equipment. So it's always been a risk going into the hospital anyway.

"I'm afraid for my family and friends but, again, I'm doing what everyone else is doing and doing the social distancing right now. And when I get back to work I'll continue that as well."

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