Love Island's Finn Tapp and Paige Turley discuss moving in together and getting a dog as they prepare for the end of the show.

In scenes set to air on Wednesday night, the couple go on their final date in Cape Town, with Finn rowing them to a secluded island. 

He tells her: "What I love about you is how happy you make me, you laugh all day long.

"I just feel that living here with you 24/7, to not be with you 24/7, I'd hate it.

"I do maybe want to try and find a place [together]... I want to do all that stuff with. I want to take you on holiday, I want to move in with you, I want to get a wee dog with you."

He adds: "I've felt feelings I didn't think I would."

Paige admits: "I feel very smitten. It's going on the right path... and maybe I've tripped and I'm tumbling... falling..." and Finn agrees: "I'm glad you've said it, it's a strong word, I do believe like you I've tripped, I'm tumbling... falling."

Meanwhile, Jess Gale and Ched Uzor also go on their final date together, where Jess said she will need her twin Eve's approval of their relationship.

Jess tells Ched she will need her twin Eve's approval of their relationship

She says: "For me to be behaving like this around someone I've known for two weeks... we have become so close and you haven't even met Eve yet. She'll be at the airport with a list of questions."

Ched replies: "I've got all the answers."

The couple also agree they are exclusively dating.

The episode will also see another couple dumped from the villa after the islanders voted for the least compatible couples.

Natalia Zoppa and Jamie Clayton were axed on Tuesday night following a public vote and the remaining contestants will choose who the next couple is to miss out on a place in the final.

Love Island continues on Virgin Media One and ITV2.