It's Casa Amor time on Love Island tonight with 12 new contestants hoping for romance rather than ructions.

The boys pack their bags for Casa Amor, where they meet newcomers Molly, Eva, Jamie, Priscilla, Natalia and Jade.

It's not long before Cupid makes his presence felt.
"I like Luke M, there's also a few others I've had my eye on..." says Molly.
 "Mike, Nas and Luke M…" Priscilla says.
For Natalia "not in a particular order, Finn, Callum and Luke M". 
"Callum, Finn and Nas but you need to have conversations and see," says Jamie.
Jade likes "Finn, Luke M and Callum".
"Mike, Nas and Luke M as well…" adds Eva. 

Getting to know you...

But host Laura Whitmore wants to make sure the girls back in the Main Villa are not feeling left out. 

"You didn't think I'd leave you on your own here, did you?" she asks them. "Couldn't do that. There are six new hot single boys ready to meet you all." 
Enter Josh, Alexi, Biggs, George, Jordan and Ched. 
"I've gone from having zero men to having the choice out of six men. I'm buzzing!" enthuses Rebecca in the Beach Hut. 

It's not long before newcomer Josh puts his cards on the table with Shaughna.

"Your personality is awesome," he tells her. "I think you're great. I feel like you and me would get along. If you're pretty safe with Callum, I can't rock that. But I feel like I can give you a bit more than Callum can give."

Josh, Alexi, Biggs, George, Jordan and Ched introduce themselves

Fans can find out what happens next on Virgin Media One and ITV2 from 9:00pm.

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