Sophie Piper and Wallace Wilson have been sent home from the Love Island villa after a tense vote in Sunday night's episode.

The pair had ended up in the bottom four with their respective partners - Mike Boateng and Rebecca Gormley - after a public vote for the least compatible couples.

The safe couples then had to pick which two contestants to save.

Wallace and Sophie pack their bags and leave the villa

Sophie was in a couple with Connor Durman for much of her stay in the villa but was snapped up by Mike after his romance with Leanne Amaning came to an end.

Speaking after she was dumped, Sophoe said it was "awkward" when Mike picked her over Leanne in the recoupling and that she was "so confused" when he suggested he was interested in her.

"Callum (Jones) said to me that Mike was weighing me up as an option, I was like 'Are you actually winding me up?"' she said.

Sophie brands Mike a game player

She continued: "From the get go, I was just friends with Mike and it wouldn't have changed. To hear him say that he wanted to get to know me, there was a question there whether he was playing a game. 

"It was very awkward when he picked to recouple with me over Leanne."

When asked if anyone in the villa was playing a game, Sophie said: "The only tiny game player would be Mike because some of his moves don't add up, but I'm sure he doesn't mean anything maliciously."

Wallace surprised other islanders didn't pick him to stay

Wilson said he was grateful for the opportunity to enter the villa and admitted he was a bit surprised to have been dumped so soon.

Asked if he had been worried he would be leaving after the public vote, he said: "A little bit. But I thought the public might have backed me a little bit, as I thought I was myself."

He said he was "chilling" when it came down to the other islanders voting as he thought he would be staying.

"It bothers me about why Paige (Turley) and Finn (Tapp) didn't pick me to stay," he said.

"I'm not bitter or a sore loser, but it just didn't make any sense to me on paper."

Love Island airs on Virgin Media One and ITV2 from 9:00pm.

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