James Buckley who plays Jay Cartwright on the hit TV show The Inbetweeners has been given a guest appearance in the 12th series of Doctor Who.

The actor who most people associate with playing a teenager full of hormone and prone to telling plenty of porkies has fully embraced his new science fiction character.

In a clip on Twitter the actor is featured with a mop of green hair, speaking about the appearance he said: " it felt like making a big sci-fi movie". 

Up until now the details of his role were kept secret despite the social media reveal by the official Doctor Who Twitter account.

Buckley will play a character called Nevi, speaking to the Press Association, the 32-year-old hinted to expect big things, saying: "There's special effects, there's explosions, there's action and there's chasing... I hope people are really going to like the episode."

He said: It was a nice change of scenery.Usually everything I do is shot in suburban Britain or somewhere like that, as an actor, you want to be on these big sets with fun props, make-up, costumes and things like that. So all those things. It's sort of why you dream of being an actor as a kid when you do a project like this." He said.

Buckley explained why he was excited to be involved on the Doctor Who programme: "The viewers who watch it and how passionate the fans behind the show are is one of the reasons I wanted to do it," he said.

"I want to be involved in things that people support like they do a sports team, where something is so loved by so many people. Really huge fans, taking the word 'fan' back to its actual meaning - fanatical. That was really exciting for me and I obviously hope people enjoy the episode."

Doctor Who is on BBC One on Sunday at 7.10pm.