Paul McCartney has revealed that he has a "secret" Christmas album that he plays every year "just for the family" during the festive season.

The Beatles star said he was inspired to record an album of Christmassy songs to counteract the "not very good Christmas records" and that it's "brought out each year" in the McCartney household. 

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's World At One, he said: "Years ago I thought, there's not very good Christmas records.

"I like something traditional and simple and easy so I went into my studio over a couple of years and I made one, but it's just for the family.

"So I'm afraid Dad's Christmas carol record comes on", he joked.

The 77-year-old music icon said he has no plans to release the demo of traditional Christmas songs, despite it being popular with his children and grandchildren.

"This has not been released, it's just for the family. It gets brought out each year", he said. "The kids like it and it's kind of traditional and now it's the grandkids getting indoctrinated with my carols record.

"Then there's the booze... It's all very jolly."

McCartney is set to perform the headline slot at Glastonbury on Saturday June 27, shortly after he celebrates his 78th birthday. 

He said he would prepare for the appearance by playing a series of concerts beforehand to "get up to speed".

"You don't get an athlete just coming into the Olympics not having done a few races beforehand," he said.

"The idea is by the time I get to Glastonbury it'll just be just like another gig. But of course it won't be, because it's very special."

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