Kristen Stewart has said she would have married Robert Pattinson and admits she feared she'd come across "like an attention-seeker" talking about their split after it happened.

The 29-year-old actress, who starred in the cult vampire romance Twilight alongside 33-year-old Pattinson, said she felt she was unable to open up about their relationship for a long time.

Speaking on The Howard Stern Show, the Charlie's Angels star was asked by the host if she had ever wanted to marry Robert Pattinson. Stewart laughed then said, "I don’t know. I wanted to."

"We were together for years, that was my first [love]. I was super in love with my high school boyfriend. Super f***ing in love with him but me and Rob were a little older."

Stern commended Pattinson for being "a charming guy" after his own appearance on the show, to which Stewart added: "Yeah, he's the best."

Asked if she would have said yes had Pattinson popped the question, Stewart said: "I don't know, I’m, like, a super-duper traditionalist … but at the same time, every relationship I’ve ever been in, I thought that was it."

When told by Stern that falling in love with her co-star is "the biggest mistake an actor could make", Stewart replied: "There was nothing I could do," while explaining that she has "never been the most casual person" in a relationship.

On their chemistry, she said: "It’s weird, like, actually being honest about this, it’s been so heavily consumed … It’s like I have this fear that people would assume that maybe it’s kind of attention-y, like 'Oh cool, you’re still pushing that narrative’ or whatever.

"But it’s like, no, I’ve never actually been allowed to say what happened. Because I was so self-conscious about seeming like an attention-seeker".

Pattinson and Stewart parted ways in 2012 after she was pictured in an intimate embrace with her Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, who was married to model Liberty Ross at the time.