Ryan Tubridy shared the origins story of The Late Late Toy Show with his RTÉ Radio 1 listeners on Monday as the countdown to this year's extravaganza begins.

The Late Late presenter was talking about jigsaws with his listeners when The Toy Show made a surprise appearance.

"The little shop I often mention - which is not a million miles from here in Stillorgan - called Nimble Fingers is interesting to me because that's where I would've been as a kid to go and get marbles and little childhood things," Tubridy said.

"And I went to see a film with Gay Byrne about six months ago in Stillorgan. It was the Stan & Laurel [Stan & Ollie] film, because I was interviewing Steve Coogan and John C Reilly and I asked Gay would he fancy coming up and seeing it with me."

Gay back in the day on The Late Late Toy Show

"So we went up and saw it, and as we were leaving I was driving past and he pointed out Nimble Fingers - the little toy shop. And it's not a chain, and it's family-run. I don't know how it survived but I'm delighted - its quality, probably," Tubridy continued.

"And he said, 'That's the shop that started The Toy Show'. I said, 'What?!'. He said, 'Yeah'. 

"I think this is the story: [a] researcher on The Toy Show back in Gay's day went out and went into that shop and got a lot of toys and brought them back and said, 'I think we should do a slot on toys for kids in Ireland'. So they did a little slot - 'Let's just show them a few bits' - and so the seed was sown and out from that grew The Toy Show

"So it all started in that little shop that I went back to on Saturday to buy a jigsaw, which I did."

The Late Late Show is back on RTÉ One on Friday, September 6, with The Late Late Toy Show front and centre on screens, and in hearts, in the run-up to Christmas.

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