Heavy winds and torrential rain played havoc with the filming of a wedding scene in the BBC's Poldark in Cornwall earlier this month, as fans count down the days to the final series of the Aidan Turner-starring period drama.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Tom York, who plays Sam, said: "We had a specific plan all mapped out for the scene. But then it poured with rain so we had to scrap all of the ideas."

For the new series, the show's creator Debbie Horsfield revealed a departure from the Winston Graham books on which Poldark is based: "According to the books, he goes from mine owner to government spy. My question was, how on earth did he get there?

"That became the spine of series five. What happened? What decisions did he make that set him on that journey to book eight?"

Although this is the final series, Poldark producer Michael Ray said: "We want it to go out with a bang. The key to ending any series is the audience should want to know more but not need to. There are more books, so we will never say never on this. That's it for now, but there's always another story to tell."

Fear not though, a grisly end does not await Ross Poldark. 

"We've always been very clear that we would never create anything that contradicts the events in the remaining five books," said Horsfield. "Ross isn't going to die."

Poldark returns to BBC One on Sunday, July 14 at 9:00pm.

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