Lena Headey has revealed she remains in touch with her former Game of Thrones co-stars on a daily basis.

The 45-year-old star, who played the role of Cersei Lannister on the HBO drama series, has revealed that she keeps in regular contact with her cast mates.

Speaking to the Observer newspaper, she said: ''We're all on a giant WhatsApp group which is a daily pile-on.

''It's hilarious. You can tell who's been drinking on that one.''

Lena Headey played Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones

When asked what she made of the Game of Thrones ending Headey,who has kids Wylie, nine, and Teddy, three, said her kids helped her deal with the show's conclusion.

''When I was much younger I would weep every time I ended a job, and I would take everybody's phone number, every single person I'd ever said hello to, because it had been such an intense experience. And then you get older and you have more of those experiences and they become less intense.

''I think the guys who grew up on that show, they probably formed really deep friendships that will carry them through. But most of us have our own kids. If kids don't balance you, then nothing does.''

Headey also admitted to struggling with some aspects of fame and revealed that she often doesn't know how to respond to fans.

She said: ''Sometimes when you're on the tube [in London] and suddenly someone nudges somebody else ... I panic in those situations. I go, f**k, I don't know how to handle that.

''Or someone chases you out of a tube - that's the weirdest thing. Those moments I hate.''

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