Michael Fassbender enlightened his fellow X-Men: Dark Phoenix stars James McAvoy and Sophie Turner about some very useful Irish sayings, take a look at the hilarious video here.

The German-born, Kerry-raised actor appears alongside Scottish star McAvoy and English actress Turner in a video for Vanity Fair in which they run through a rake of phrases from their respective countries.

McAvoy helpfully kicked off the video by explaining to the producers that they're not talking about "British, Irish and Scottish" slang but "English, Irish and Scottish" slang because England is part of Britain.

Fassbender goes on to decipher some Irish sayings, including "away with the fairies", which he thinks has something to do with magic mushrooms, "cat", "acting the maggot" and, our personal favourite, "shift and drift".

The gent that he is, Fassbender goes on to elaborate that the "drift" part "did not exist in my time".

The actors are currently starring in X-Men: Dark Phoenix which is in cinemas now.

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