Irish artist Caroline Kay told RTÉ Entertainment of her surprise and delight at her new EP going straight to the top of the Irish iTunes Chart, following in the footsteps of her 2017 debut.

2017's Notes went to the top of the charts when Kay released it, and her second EP tricks has done the same again proving that it wasn't just a "fluke or glitch in the system" the first time around as she said she always thought.

"I've always felt that the number one spot the first time round was a bit of a fluke or glitch in the system that worked in my favour, so I had already told myself that it was very unlikely that tricks would do as well," Kay said.

"So, when the music was released on Sunday June 9 and later that day it was number one in the Irish iTunes album charts, I couldn’t believe it!"

Kay is based in London so she didn't find out the good news herself as her phone is set to the UK chart, so it was friends and family who got to tell her about the success of tricks.

"A cousin from Tipperary was the first to get back to me with a screenshot of me at the top of the Irish iTunes album store, and she’s probably sorry she did now because I’ve been asking for regular updates since! Thankfully, it’s still holding its place at number one," she said.

How much the support means to her, she says, is "genuinely hard to put into words" even though she has "full faith in the music I was putting out and was confident in the quality of the songs" but it can be challenging as "an independent artist with no management, PR or marketing team around me."

Kay added, "To say I’m lucky with the support I have, and the support the music has received, is a huge understatement.

"I don’t know if the people who believe in me realise how much that keeps me going in this tough industry."

While her approach to her music hasn't changed over the last couple of years, Kay admitted to feeling some pressure to continue to create music that "those who enjoyed the first would also like" - her main goal being to "make people feel something, and to entertain."

Kay's EP tricks is out now.

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