US late night hosts Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah have joked that Britain's Queen Elizabeth II was "trollling" President Donald Trump by giving him a book as a gift during his official state visit to the UK.

Trump's visit to London saw him spend the day at Buckingham Palace on Monday (June 3) where he attended a state banquet.

On Monday evening, Stephen Colbert opened The Late Show by discussing the Queen's present to the president, a first edition of The Second World War by Winston Churchill.

Speaking in his mock Trump voice, Colbert said: "Look, thank you so much, but don't tell me how it ends, all right. I really like that German Charlie Chaplin who invented the high five."

Trevor Noah also opened his Daily Show by making fun of the president and the Queen's choice of present.

He said: "That's right, the Queen's gift to Donald Trump was a book. Either she doesn't know Trump or she's trolling him.

"Why would you give Donald Trump a book? Everyone knows the man doesn't read."

He went on to joke that Trump would complain about having to read the book: "It's so sad!"

Noah concluded: "For real though, Donald Trump has no need for a book. it's like giving Stevie Wonder a fish tank.

Noah later compared Trump to Boris Johnson, putting a side-by-side picture of them up and saying: "I've never seen two people who both look like failed clones of each other."

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