Rolling Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood has revealed that singer Mick Jagger is doing "really well" as he recovers from a heart operation.

Jagger, who is 75, recently tweeted that he was "on the mend" after heart valve replacement surgery, while in an interview with Hello! magazine, Wood noted that he and the rest of the band have been giving Mick a bit of a lift with musical "get well" videos. A US tour was postponed following the news of Jagger's illness. 

 "Sally (Wood's wife) and I went on a break to the Caribbean with Keith [Richards] and (his wife) Patti and sent him videos of us playing and singing get well songs on the guitar, " revealed Ronnie. "That cracked him up."

"We're all so pleased that he's doing well."

In the meantime, Wood has been painting Picasso-style paintings of the band, which he sent to his mate for approval.

"He was amused and impressed! He is doing really well. I spoke to him yesterday and he's feeling great."