Irish boy band Westlife are reported to have sparked a bidding war between Sky and Netflix for a behind the scenes documentary film about their reunion.

The group are being followed by cameras for a film featuring footage from their upcoming 33-date European tour, following their decision to get back together last year.

They released Hello My Love their first single in eight years in January and will also play two nights in Croke Park this July.  

The "tell all" film will also feature footage from Westlife’s split in 2012.

In an interview with the Irish Sun, Kian Egan said: "We’ve had crews on us since the first day because we knew straight away - we’ve got to capture it even if it’s just for ourselves.

"I think it’s just a case of figuring out whether it’s going to be a Netflix or a Sky thing."

Shane Filan added: "We’ll document it in some way because it’s important for us and our kids and for the fans to realise how it all came back together. I think that it is going to be magic. No one’s ever seen that. It’s just us."

The "tell all" film also feature footage from Westlife’s split in 2012.

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