Spencer Matthews gushed over his wife Vogue Williams on The Late Late Show, hailing her ambition, beauty and how "she puts up with me."

The couple, who married last year, joined Ryan Tubridy for The Late Late Show Valentine's Day Special, so of course the topic of love was at the fore front of their conversations, and Spencer got some awhs from the audience when speaking about Vogue.

When asked what he loves about Vogue, he replied, "How much I respect her. She's very active, ambitious, and beautiful... She puts up with me, and when you know you know."

The former Made In Chelsea star also spoke about how becoming a father to their son Theodore has changed his outlook on life.

"I think your priorities shift," he said. "This coming from someone who openly used to be a bit self centred from time to time.

"I put Vogue and Theodore first now, and it does wonders for your character."

Vogue revealed that Spencer wasn't the bad boy she expected him to be when they first met.

"I assumed from what I'd read about him that he was a bad boy," Vogue told Tubridy. 

"But he very much wasn't like that when I met him. I was not the one to tame him, Spencer tamed himself."

While on the show, they also took part in a game of Mr and Mrs...