The Late Late Show Valentine's Day Special is always a guaranteed laugh - see some of the best bits here!

Saturday night vibes on a Friday

It may be a Friday, and it may be six days before Valentine's Day, but we are here for the Saturday Night vibes in the show opening!

Blind Date

One lucky (?) lady from the audience was brought on stage and given a host of eligible (?) bachelors to choose from in the hopes of finding love. It's a tried and tested formula that always provides some laughs, and from dance moves in Coppers to baked goods and the promise of some martial arts action, it was definitely a rendition of A Star Is Born's Shallow that was the most memorable party piece.

A long way to Butlins

Kenneth Branagh recalled a childhood visit to Butlins - and the audience got a bit rowdy at the mention of all the rides being free...

Howth loves Howth

But Spencer Matthews isn't quite so sure... "It is nice yeah, I like Howth. I feel like everyone from Howth thinks Howth is the Holy Grail."

Mr and Mrs

Spencer and Vogue also played a classic game of Mr and Mrs...

Agony aunts

And of course there was plenty of love advice being doled out...