Speaking about his farewell tour, Elton John says he wants people to be astounded when he comes on stage,
 " and I want people to be astounded when I leave the stage."

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the 71-year old singer declared how he wanted people to be entertained throughout the whole two hours, ten minutes. " He wanted people to go away from the concerts thinking: "Wow! He gave us the best when he left."

The iconic Rocket Man singer also talked about being a father, along with husband David Furnish, to sons Zachary, who is eight, and five-year old Elijah. "Having had children and seeing how much joy they brought to us, I thought: "you know what, I want to spend more time with them. I'm their father, David is their father. They give us so much joy. I don't want to miss too much."

He never imagined that being a parent could bring him so much joy and he described it as one of the miracles of his life. "It seems to me something happens in my life every now and then which propels me to a different stage and this is a different stage and it's probably the most wonderful stage."

The Mail on Sunday also reported that the musician had donated £5,000 (€5,500) to Eton College, the renowned boarding school which the paper estimated costs £13,000 per term.

The newspaper also mentioned rumours that the singer had performed at the prestigious school, which is close to his Windsor home. The writer queried rhetorically if perhaps the musician was considering sending his two sons to school there.

Elton John will perform in Dublin and Belfast in 2020.