Chris Evans bid an emotional farewell to his BBC Radio 2 listeners on his last breakfast show after 13 years with the station.

The 52-year-old presenter, who has hosted The Breakfast Show for nine years but has been with the station for over a decade, is set to host a new show on Virgin Radio next month.

In an emotional goodbye, Evans thanked all of his friends and family "for putting up with me" along with delivering a poignant tribute to his wife, Natasha.

"Thank you to all my friends and family for putting up with me – and the occasional nonsense that comes with having someone in your personal orbit that does a job like this."

"Thank you to you all of course for listening – but most of all I would like to thank my wife Natasha…"

"My gravity, my compass, my guiding light for giving me enough certainty and security to be able to feel confident enough to embark upon a bit of uncertainty again, which is what I like. I crave the uncertainty but you can only do that against a backdrop of certainty and security."

Chris Evans and his wife Natasha

Evans continued: "Uncertainty is where creativity lives. Comfort and creativity are not the greatest of bedfellows, let me tell you".

"Put another way - to read a book you have to keep turning the pages but to write a book you have to do exactly the same. The sight of a blank page strikes the fear of God into some but for others there’s nothing more exciting. So with your blessing that’s precisely what I’m going to do."

He concluded by saying: "None of us look forward to saying goodbye to the things and people we love - but that’s simply because we love them so much in the first place. Which is precisely how it should be. Why would we ever want it any other way?"

Evans recently confirmed that he will take part in 2019's Strictly Come Dancing.