Film maker Sergio G. Sánchez says that a tragic family death during his childhood was the main inspiration for his new horror thriller The Secret of Marrowbone.

The film stars George MacKay, Mia Goth, Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton, and Matthew Stagg as a family of siblings hiding a terrible secret and it's the Spanish director's feature debut following his work on The Orphanage and The Impossible.   

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Speaking to RTE Entertainment, Sánchez said: "As a kid I was mostly bed-ridden, I didn't get out of the house much and there were many moments when I thought I would not make it to be a grown-up. I felt I was going to die as a kid and then when I grew up I experienced some losses in my family that were not the natural order.

"I lost some young people in my family and when you don't find satisfying answers in life to something that is so abominable and awful that leaves such a hole in your life, you sort of resort to fiction to try to make sense of something that doesn't make sense."    

The Secret of Marrowbone presents an idealised version of a perfect summer that begins to turn increasingly dark when a figure from the past emerges. It's a classy horror movie that plays with genre cliches and wrong foots the audience at every turn.

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"I always define the movie is a Russian doll of a movie," Sánchez said. "It starts out as a family drama and then nine minutes into the film there is an unexpected visit and you reach a climatic moment and the film breaks and you jump six months into the future and the family is completely different now and there is something really strange about what just happened."

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