Oscar-nominated actress Ruth Negga has said that she is "a wallflower in real life" but an "attention seeker" when it comes to acting.

The Loving star appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in New York where she opened up about how she uses daring fashion choices to distract from her at-times introverted personality.

When Colbert complimented her "arresting" dragon print dress, she responded with a laugh: "I try and hide the fact that I'm lacking in a personality by wearing dragon prints.

"I suppose fashion is an armour for nerves. And I think there's a lot of shy people involved in fashion although people seem sort of flamboyant but I think it hides a shyness."

When the talkshow hosted asked her if she is shy, she said: "Most definitely. If you felt my heart now it's going like the clappers!"

Acting might not seem like the most natural fit for a shy person, but the former Love/Hate star says that filming creates a "safe space" to express herself.

"I suppose I'm a shy attention seeker", she said. "I suppose I'm a wallflower in real life but acting creates a very safe space where you can draw attention to you, but there's always action and cuts so it's like a safety net of sorts where you can be an attention seeker but in a very safe way.

"Basically, cowardly", the Irish-Ethiopian star joked.

Negga is returning to TV screens as Tulip O'Hare in the third season of the AMC supernatural thriller Preacher in which she stars alongside Dominic Cooper.

Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga returning for the third season of Preacher

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