Kian Egan has said he would "absolutely love" to put his own boyband together, with the hopes of teaming up with his former Westlife manager Louis Walsh to do so.

The 38-year-old singer would like to channel his experience in the industry as both a solo artist and member of Westlife to help create the next big thing.

"I'd absolutely love to put together my own boy band, without a doubt," Egan told Bang Showbiz.

"Doing what I do, there's a shelf life. Luckily, I've managed to outlast my shelf life, you know, between Westlife lasting 14 years and having my own solo record, these are all things that I never expected to happen."

Speaking about working with his friend and former manager Walsh, Egan said, "I would like definitely like to work with Louis Walsh on it. I think it will all depend on where Louis' head is at the time and what's going on there."

Egan, who previously worked as a mentor on The Voice of Ireland, has no immediate plans to undertake the boyband project, but feels he will "hit a certain point in life and think that's the next thing to do."

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