Alannah Beirne, who became the sixth celebrity to be sent home from Dancing with the Stars on Sunday, has urged the remaining five contestants to "just enjoy the experience and not take it too seriously".

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment the morning after her elimination, the Britain's Next Top Model finalist was philosophical about departing the competition, saying she and her professional dance partner Vitali Kozmin had "a great run" and that they "gave it socks" right to the end.

Alannah and Vitali faced off against Erin McGregor and Ryan McShane in the dreaded dance-off in Sunday's high-octane show and the judges all chose to take Erin to next week's quarter finals.

Irish model Alannah said: "It's been an incredible experience, a rollercoaster of emotions but I've loved every second of it and made great friends. Vitali was obviously a great tutor, a great dance partner and we just went out every Sunday and gave it 100% and that's all we could do so we're pretty happy."

A lot of people were saddened to see her being sent home, does she feel hard done by at all?

"No not really, obviously there's a part of me that's a bit gutted and I wanted to go all the way, like everyone else but somebody has to go every Sunday and unfortunately I got the short straw this week.

"But as I said, we went out there, we had fire in our bellies and we gave it socks. That's all we could do. I'm really happy, Erin did a great job. They're all absolutely amazing dancers, every single one of them have a high standard of dancing now and it's very unpredictable to say who will make it to the final."

She added that the remaining competitors should try relax and enjoy the experience "because if you get too worked up you'll look back and regret it."

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Alannah said she knew that herself and Vitali's fate was sealed before they took to the dance-floor for the dance-off. "I knew that myself and Vitali were going, based on our scores, we had 24 points and they had 29", she said.

"The judges never will change that much", Vitali interjected.

However, she made the most of her last dance, explaining: "I bumped into my mum and it was an emotional moment, the waterworks started, but then I pulled myself together and I said to Vitali: 'Look this is going to be our last dance so let's make it a good one'.

"And I think we did. As much as it's difficult to be in a dance-off and know that you're heading home, it almost was the opposite effect. I wasn't sad, I was like, I'm going to show the nation how much I've learnt and how much I appreciate the experience and to show people that I'm doing my best."

Vitali said Alannah has been a stellar partner throughout the competition. "She's great, she's a great student", he said.

"It's interesting, the more I'm pushing her, the more she's listening to me and trying harder, she's never giving up, she's always trying her best and I think she will be successful everywhere because she's a really hardworking girl and I wish her all the best."

Is Alannah proud of how far she's come? "I am, I had no idea I was going to make it to week nine and I'm very proud of myself, my family and friends are all proud of me and the support has been phenomenal.

"I think the main thing was just do let your guard down and go out and enjoy yourself and perform so that's what I did, and Vitali helped me do that. He set a very high standard from the beginning and we just followed that, he pushed me every single week and we worked really hard, but I loved it.

"It was a privilege to get to know and learn dance and different styles of dances, so yeah I had a great time."

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When asked what this competition has taught her about herself, Alannah responded: "That I'm a fighter. I'm hardworking, I think I've shown my work ethic and that I'm not afraid to do anything. I'm an adventurous person. And also, I didn't really take the competition too seriously, I've had fun, I've enjoyed every moment, I was very present and I was also myself. "

Does she see dancing in her future?

"I'm definitely going to keep it up, but unfortunately Vitali will be going back to Estonia with his wife Valeria so I might go to Karen [Byrne] or John [Nolan] it'd be more local", she said with a laugh.

The competition will heat up for the remaining contestants, Deirdre O'Kane, Jake Carter, Anna Geary Erin McGregor and Rob Heffernan, in next week's quarter finals.

Who would Alannah like to see lift the glitterball trophy at the end of the series?

"I'd love to see Deirdre win", Alannah said. "I was very close with her on the show, she was my roommate. She's a real person, there was no competitiveness or fakeness to her at all."

Vitali added: "I think that everyone deserves to win because they're all doing a great job, they surprise the audience and they surprise us as well.

"I did Switch Up week with Deirdre so I would say the same as Alannah, I wish her all the best, I hope she will win."

Alannah concluded: "There's five really good dancers left so I wish them all the best."

Dancing with the Stars continues on Sunday, March 11 with the quarter finals at 6.30pm on RTÉ One.