Superb dystopian drama The Handmaid's Tale lands on RTÉ 2, We Won the Lotto tells the tales of lucky lottery winners, while The Cloverfield Paradox hits Netflix.

Pick of the day

The Handmaid's Tale, 9.30pm, RTÉ 2

Elisabeth Moss is outstanding in this superb adaptation of Margaret Atwood dystopian tale about a fascistic North America where fertile women are sex slaves and baby vessels for the privileged elite.

The former Mad Men star plays Offred, one the few fertile women known as Handmaids in the oppressive Republic of Gilead, who struggles to survive as a reproductive surrogate for a powerful Commander and his resentful wife.

In this double episode opener, the horrific scene is set as Offred and her fellow Handmaids assist with the delivery of a baby, which prompts her to recall her own daughter’s birth as the backstory of this nightmarish society develops.

New or Returning Shows

The X-Files, 10.00pm, Channel 5

The re-booted sci-fi drama that almost defined 1990s' TV returns for a second season, with the truth still out there.

With Gillian Anderson off after this run, this could also be its last. As we reunite with Mulder and Scully, Anderson's Scully has a vision that warns her of the end of the world.

Horizon: My Amazing Brain, 9.00pm, BBC Two

The story of Richard Gray and his remarkable recovery from a life-changing catastrophic stroke, and the rarely-seen journey back to recovery.

Recorded by his documentary film-maker wife Fiona over four years, this film shows the hard work of recovery.

The Bulger Killers: Was Justice Done? 9.00pm, Channel 4

February 2018 is the 25th anniversary of a unique UK crime: the abduction and murder of James Bulger by two ten-year-old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

With Britain having one of the lowest ages of criminal responsibility in the world, key individuals involved in the trial are brought together for the first time since 1993 to debate whether justice was truly served.

Ending Tonight

How to Lose Weight Well, 8.00pm, Channel 4

Dr Xand van Tulleken and dietician Hala El-Shafie ask ordinary folk to road test some of the most popular and talked about diets out.

The featured diets this time are Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop detox diet; the SlimFast diet; a high-fibre regime; a macrobiotic diet allegedly favoured by Madonna and Julia Roberts; some mindful eating; and the NHS weight loss plan.

Here's an old clip to give you a 'flavour':

New to Download

The Cloverfield Paradox, Netflix

In the near future, a group of international astronauts on a space station are working to solve a massive energy crisis on Earth. The experimental technology aboard the station has an unexpected result, leaving the team isolated and fighting for their survival.

Don't Miss

We Won the Lotto, 9.35pm, RTÉ One

This two-part documentary offers first-hand accounts of what it is like to win the Irish Lottery and how it has changed the lives of the lucky few to count themselves part of the millionaire Lotto winners' club.

Each episode interweaves four contrasting winners' stories - featuring winners living both here and abroad.  What was life was like for them before the win, how the win happened, have their lives changed?

Lottery winner Ann Canavan

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