Maia Dunphy was the third celebrity to be eliminated on Dancing With the Stars on Sunday night following an evening of Cha Cha Cha, Viennese Waltz and American Smooth.  

Although Maia and her dancing partner Robert gave it their all on the dancefloor it wasn't enough to save them after the public and judges' vote. 

Speaking after her elimination, Maia said: "It has been amazing, especially meeting Robert...I've had a ball"

Last week, the pair were praised for their ‘beautiful, sensual and romantic rumba’ so the heat was on on Sunday night when they performed a Tango to Hernandos Hideaway by Werner Muller.  After her turn on the floor, Maia said "this kind of thing doesn't come naturally... but I have embraced it and I have found my stride... ". 

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Judge Loraine said "you looked very comfortable and you took on the role ... I would have liked to see more energy in the dance but it was good", Julian added "Maia we just saw your inner dance got into the characterisation for this on point... this is your best dance yet."

Brian said "this is the type of dancing I like...the dancing was good .... i can see the confidence is staring to grown the song may be called Hernandos Hideaway but you certainly didn't hide away". They scored a total of 19 points.

Dancing with the Stars continues next Sunday on RTÉ One and backstage show Can’t Stop Dancing  is on every Friday at 8:30pm on RTÉ One.