As First Dates Ireland returned last week, viewers had a front row seat for the worst date ever, but this week it was all a lot more positive, with sparks flying for some in the restaurant.

A very dapperly dressed Eoin laid his dealbreaker question on the line early for his date Tara – football or hurling? She chose hurling, which was apparently the correct answer, and it set the tone for the rest of their date; having the craic.

Sparks flew between the pair as they had a laugh while also talking about serious issues and big moments in their life. In a wise move before facing the cameras after their date, Eoin broached the issue of going for drinks, and Tara was game to get to know him more.

In the room at the end, they shared a kiss before heading off to Doyle's in the city centre… The end credits revealed that they made it to a second date, with a third on the horizon!

While things also seemed to go swimmingly for Stephen and Denise, a second date never materialised for them even though they both said they wanted to see each other again.

On their date they laughed a lot, with oysters providing some entertainment for the pair, and they were very flirty throughout. Maybe they just haven't gotten around to meeting up?

The show kicked off with Andrew and Harry – two Harry Potter superfans, although we have to agree with Andrew in questioning how big a Potter fan you can be without having read any of the books…

Both wanted to date versions of themselves, with Andrew saying he would clone himself as "I am the perfect person for me" and Harry saying he wants someone just like himself.

They had a lot in common but Andrew's interest in chatting to the waitress didn't sit right with Harry, who said he would rather not go on a second date with him.

While their date won't grow into something more, Andrew did provide us with some hilarious lines about love and how "love is putting up with someone for a really long time" and that "looks are important but personality can change."

Andreas has the opposite view on attraction to Andrew, saying, "You're always attracted first by what you see, but it's the personality that keeps you." Although his date with Sarah seemed to be going well, the spark just wasn't there for him.

Sarah and Andreas agreed that they would want to see each other again, but for Andreas it would be in a non-romantic way.

After being stood up on last week's show, Lawson returned to the First Dates restaurant for a date with Krista.

They talked at length during their date and seemed to get on very well, with Krista suggesting that they see each other again, as friends, with the aim of seeing where it might go. They're still friends, but you can never have too many of those!

First Dates Ireland continues on RTÉ2, Tuesdays at 9.30pm.