First Dates Ireland returned to our screens on Tuesday night and love most definitely didn't blossom for Leigh and Samuel who ended up having one of the worst dates in the history of the First Dates restaurant.

Their date got off to a rocky start, and never quite recovered, when Samuel made fun of Leigh and his friend Niamh's choice of drinks. Probably not the best way to embark on a romantic evening.

Samuel's honesty didn't wane either, with him then going on to tell Leigh that he wasn't a fan of his hair.

Awkward best describes their date from then on, with a quick trip to the bathroom showing that Samuel wanted to escape the date.

At least the feeling was mutual however, with Leigh calling on his friend Niamh for help in plotting his exit. Not a match made in heaven, this time around.

Leigh and Samuel weren't the only ones who hit the rocks, with Amy and Ben tackling the age old question of who should pay for dinner.

When it came time for the bill to arrive, Ben reached for his wallet as Amy suggested they would split the cost, with him then saying that he was going to offer to pay the full thing, but if she was happy to go halves then that suited him too.

Despite making the offer, Amy was less than impressed that Ben didn't insist on paying the full whack, and when it came time to decide if they wanted to see each other again, she said no, but he said yes. They did go out afterwards though for a few drinks, so all wasn't lost.

For Jackie and Joey, it was a matter of size, with Jackie insistent that Joey wasn't tall enough for her, even though it turns out they are the same height.

Both enjoyed the date, but sadly the spark just wasn't there.