Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have joined forces again for new song End Game with rapper Future.

The video for the song was filmed in various international locations including Tokyo, London and Miami.

It opens on a luxury yacht with Swift and Future before they go to meet Sheeran. In the next scene, Swift hops on a red double decker bus with friends in London.

Singer-songwriter Sheeran, 26, and Taylor Swift have been friends since 2013 when they met through mutual music connections. Swift asked to be put in touch with Sheeran after one of her managers saw him performing at a gig in Nashville.

After that, Sheeran's manager introduced the now-BFFs and the rest is pop music and social media history.

Talking about their friendship, Sheeran said: "I expected her to be one of these artists who is allowed to have a douche bag pass but she was the loveliest person I've met."

Sheeran says Swift is "the loveliest person I've met"

Swift's album Reputation topped the charts following its release in November. 

And just to prove that the pair are indeed besties - on his left arm, Ed has ‘Red’ tattooed in tribute to Swift.

He got the ink done after she invited him to support her on the North American leg of her Red tour, an event he credited with helping him break the United States.