German actress Karin Dor, best known for playing Bond villain Helga Brandt in You Only Live Twice, has died aged 79.

Dor's son confirmed her death to the Bild newspaper. The actress died on Monday (November 6) in a nursing home in Munich, a year after suffering a fall at home which caused health complications.

In her most famous role, Dor starred alongside Sean Connery as 007 in 1967's You Only Live Twice.

You Only Live Twice actress Karin Dor has died aged 79

Her character Helga Brandt worked for the evil Blofeld (Donald Pleasence) but couldn't resist the charm of Connery's Bond.

After she is outed as an undercover Spectre agent, she meets her end by being dropped into a pool of piranhas.

She went on to work with legendary film director Alfred Hitchock in his 1969 Cuban missile crisis thriller Topaz, in which she starred alongside John Forsythe and Frederick Stafford.

Other notable film roles included The Invisible Dr. Mabuse in 1962, The Face of Fu Manchu in 1965 and Warhead in 1977.

Karin Dor starred alongside Sean Connery in the 1967 Bond outing

Dor was married to German filmmaker Harald Reinl who directed her in more than a dozen films including the 1955 war movie As Long as You Live and 1960 crime drama The Terrible People before they divorced in 1968.

She was married American actor George Robotham until his death in 2007. Dor is survived by her only child, her son named Andreas.

Fans have paid tribute to the late actress on Twitter.