On Sunday night's episode of Fair City, tensions between Karen and Carol have reached breaking point.

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In previous scenes, viewers saw Carol make a move on Dan and kissing him. Of course, their intimate moment was observed by an onlooker... none other than Karen!

In Sunday's upcoming episode, Karen storms over to Carol in the bar to ask her if she's "going to sit there all day staring at me".

Carol is smug until Karen says maybe Robbie should be "checking on her", which gives her pause for thought.

When Karen insists: "He's a nice guy and you're messing him around", Carol's patience wears out and she tells her "You're fired".

Karen is unperturbed, replying: "You're worried about me going off with Robbie, and all the time you're going around with his best mate".

Carol is further taken aback when Karen issues her an ultimatum: "I saw you kissing Dan, so either leave me alone or I'm going to tell Robbie what you've been doing behind his back."

Will Robbie find out the truth?!

Fair City continues on RTÉ One on Sunday October 29 at 8pm. Check out the latest soap storylines and clips here.