Wednesday night's episode of Coronation Street was an emotional rollercoaster as a major character was killed off-screen. However, spirits were lifted by a heartwarming engagement later in the show.

Poor Chesney (Sam Aston) got some awful news while he was in hospital battling his own health problems. News arrived from Owen Armstrong in Portugal that his ex-girlfriend Katy Armstrong had died in a car accident.

Chesney immediately jumped out of his hospital bed saying he needed to get to his and Katy's son Joseph, despite the protestations of his nurse.

The tragic news of Katy's death was leaked in the press ahead of the show, but fans were still left reeling.

However, some fans criticised the show for having Katy die off screen.

There was some consolation for viewers of the show as the heartbreaking news brought Sinead and Chesney closer together.  

She told him that his bravery following Katy's death made her realise how much she truly loves him.

Sinead said: "I want you. I only ever feel complete when we're together," while Chesney responded: "I will. Marry you. As long as we're doing it for the right reasons."

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