EastEnders' Linda Carter tearfully confessed that she is worried her cancer might be back in emotional scenes with Woody in Monday night's episode of the soap.

Linda (Kellie Bright) kept her illness a secret from her husband Mick (Danny Dyer) and has not told him she was battling the illness while away from Walford.

Linda and Mick are getting closer and seem happier than ever

The couple have been getting on great and seem happier than ever as they rekindle their romance and spend some time together at the Queen Vic, but Woody realised that something isn't right with Linda.

On Monday's episode, Woody (Lee Ryan) notices that she is in pain and they have a heart-to-heart where he urges her to tell him what's actually going on.

Woody tells her that she should be more honest with Mick, but Linda says she doesn't want to ruin things between them so soon after they got their marriage back on track.

Linda doesn't want to be honest with Mick about her cancer

When pushed by Woody to tell him how she is doing, Linda tearfully reveals that she is having the same painful symptoms that she had before she was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

Linda is terrified her cancer might be back but she is too scared to go to the hospital.

Can Woody persuade Linda to seek medical help and tell Mick?

Woody is upset by what he hears, but can he get through to Linda and encourage her to do the right thing?

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