Bryan Cranston thinks there is a greater gender divide in Hollywood and insists men have it much easier.

The 61-year-old Breaking Bad actor has criticised the film industry's ''double standards'', insisting men have it much easier than women.

''It's great for me. I can't complain about it but I think honestly there's probably a double standard to that; I think it's a lot more difficult with women," Cranston told Good Morning Britain.

''There's an old phrase that said Hollywood eats up women in their 20s and spits them out in their 30s because it's so hard.

''We love youth and beauty and we embrace that. But women have a more difficult time. When they say a man, he's getting dignified, a woman, oh is getting older now and it's unfortunate.''

Cranston plays high school chemistry teacher Walter White in Breaking Bad

Cranston's interview comes just days after veteran actress Julie Walters hit out at the gender pay gap in the movie industry claiming "equal pay is the answer".

Watch Bryan's full interview below: