Games of Thrones is back - and so is DCI Banks - while it's goodbye to The Loch and Ray Donovan S 1-4 drops on demand

Pick of the day

Game of Thrones, 9.00pm, Sky Atlantic

Yes, I know some crazy people stayed up to watch it 'live' at 2am this morning, but most fans will wait until tonight to reacquaint themselves with HBO's massively popular fantasy series.

As season 7 opens, The End is approaching. War is coming. After the explosive season six finale, the cruel and calculating Cersei has seized power and ascended to the Iron Throne.

Fresh from retaking Winterfell after a brutal battle, Jon Snow is declared the new King in the North.

A colossal armada sails upon Westeros under Daenerys Targaryen, flanked by three dragons.

Meanwhile, the army of the dead continues its march south, bringing winter.

Seriously, you're welcome to it after the summer we're having.

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New tonight

DCI Banks, 9.00pm, RTÉ2

Back for a fifth run, Stephen Tompkinson stars as Detective Alan Banks in the popular crime drama, based on Peter Robinson’s novels set in rural and urban Yorkshire.

When the victim of a frenzied attack is identified as small time drug dealer Damon Horsley, Banks uncovers a link to local crime boss Steve Richards.

Also starting today: Red Rock (1.45pm, BBC One), University Challenge (8.00pm, BBC Two), Thronecast (10.10pm, Sky Atlantic)

New to download

Ray Donovan: Seasons 1-4, Sky Box Sets

Here's a show that's developed into one of the finest US imports on TV. It started off as a bit of a Sopranos wannabe but it's developed its own wonderful mojo. Great cast too.

Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominee Liev Schreiber stars in the eponymous role as a fixer for the rich and famous in Hollywood. He makes the problems of the city’s celebrities, superstar athletes, and business moguls disappear.

This powerful drama unfolds when his father - played with tremendous energy by veteran Jon Voight - is unexpectedly released from prison, setting off a chain of events that shakes the Donovan family to its core.

Season five of Ray Donovan starts soon on Sky Atlantic.

Ending tonight

The Loch, 9.00pm, TV3

The final episode of this six-part drama sees the villagers of Lochnafoys still in shock after the suicide of teenage suspect Dessie Toner and DCI Quigley is under pressure to close the case.

Another body in the loch proves that the killer is still at large, making a bit of a mockery of the investigating team's evidence. And with the real killer remains at large, Annie realises that Evie could be the next victim.

Don't Miss

Ripper Street, 9.00pm, BBC Two

The fifth and final season of this quite dark Victorian period drama has been superb so far - and that's ignoring the wonderful suits on show - and it's impossible to tell how it's going to end up with just two episodes left.

Now that Edmund Reid is locked in the cells of Leman Street, and Jedediah Shine is dead, it seems that Augustus Dove has won the battle for Whitechapel.

All that remains is for him to track down Long Susan and Jackson. For Reid it seems that all hope is lost - but is there time for one last roll of the dice in his bid to take down Dove?