Violet Davis is back for a third season of Shonda Rhimes' bonkers crime drama How to Get Away with Murder while Dogs: an Amazing Animal Family kicks off on Sky 1

Pick of the day

How to Get Away with Murder, 9.00pm, Sky Living

The hit drama from Scandal and Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes brings its irresistible brand of bonkers, style and intrigue to Sky Living.

The outrageously gifted Viola Davis has been on Emmy-winning form as Annalise Keating, an attorney and law professor who hires her five best students as interns and ends up having to give them some all too practical lessons in how to get away with murder.

Season three begins with her charges entering their second year of law school as they struggle to move on following Wallace Mahoney’s murder. Meanwhile, Annalise sets up a criminal law clinic where the students will get the chance to compete for their own cases.

Movie Choice of the day

Saving Private Ryan, 10.25PM, Sky Cinema Tom Hanks

Sky's Tom Hanks pop-up channel continues to offer some of the Hollywood legend's greatest hits – and here's one from 1998 that had them fighting on the beaches in Wexford.

Directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Robert Rodat, the film is set during the Invasion of Normandy in World War II, and the opening 27 minutes show the grim reality of war.

After that it follows US Rangers Captain John H Miller (Hanks) and a squad as they search for a paratrooper, Private James Francis Ryan (Matt Damon), who is the last-surviving brother of four servicemen.

Soap Choice of the day

EastEnders, 7.30pm, BBC One

Bex is getting ready to perform at the school showcase, but Alexandra and Madison have new plans to cause trouble.

What will this mean for Bex?

Meanwhile, Louise has to babysit Dennis on the night of the showcase, but he encourages her to sneak out.

Elsewhere, Steven realises something is amiss with Lauren and becomes increasingly paranoid over the situation. Things get worse for him and he snaps when Josh arrives.

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Best On Demand/TV Catchup

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Netflix

One of the most enjoyable US sitcoms of recent times, Brooklyn Nine-Nine came fully-formed on day one and hasn't really looked back.

Former Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg leads a great cast in an ensemble comedy about a bunch of New York cops who seem to have a great time despite the nature of their work.

The first three seasons are available here and despite Samberg as detective Jake Peralta being someone you cannot ignore, the real star of the show is Andre Braugher, who's great as his straight-laced boss, Captain Ray Holt.

Today's Guilty Pleasure

Dogs: an Amazing Animal Family, 9.00pm, Sky1

Everyone loves dogs, right?

This three-parter sees Patrick Aryee embarks on an extraordinary journey through the canine family tree as he reveals the surprising history of dogs and our pets’ weird and wonderful relatives.

From tree-climbing foxes to jungle dogs that hunt underwater, Patrick meets the most charismatic canines on the planet.

In the first episode, Patrick explores how dogs came to be man’s best friend. The first creature that man ever domesticated, no family of animals is more closely entwined with our human story than that of dogs.

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